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Questions about selling my images.

A question to PIXOTO.
I should like to know what represents to sell and permit the download of my images.

If I sell an image, the person who by it can download it with a resolution that permits to him print this image? 300DPI?

There are different prices to different uses of an image? Images to print. Lower and high resolution images,

There are any difference between a person that buy a photo to print it in Canvas or paper and a company to sell it in a larger quantity?

I ask it because sometimes I sell my images to decoration or at some exhibitions I done, and my prices are not so low as I see in Pixoto.

I need to know it very well or I can have some problems with my images, and if it happens i will take them off sell . And should like to have the opportunity of sell my images on Pixoto, but without problems to me, as you can easily understand.

Some of them are limited editions.
As you can understand to sell on Pixoto for a so lower prices images that I sell at a much more expensive price it will be a problem to my usual customers.
They can even think that I am cheating them.
Can you clarify to me your policy about this?

Thank you
António Amen
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