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Sea Shells - not natural objects?

I am CLOSING MY ACCOUNT because they allow people to complain when you start getting high scores and recognition. They took the fun right out of it for me. The category description for "Nature Up Close" says it is for photos of flowers, plants, trees and other natural objects. Someone complained that my SEA SHELLS were in the wrong category. Some shells were photographed next to a mirror, others were simply macro shots of shells on the ground or on a table. Yet they decided these shells were not natural objects and belonged in the "Artistic Objects" category which, according to the category description, can include natural objects modified from their natural form. I didn't modify or Photoshop anything...I just took macro photos of natural shells. Funny...no one complained or re-categorized the same type photos with lower scores. But, the higher scores - yep, they moved my photos to another category without even asking me me first - lost my scores and votes. I won't be wasting any more time on THIS site "clicking" and voting.
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