Slow voting - Pro membership

Pro membership guarantees images 100 duels in the daily competition. A reason I opted to take such a membership out.

I submitted 5 images on 30th June (three weeks ago) – the number of duels each image has received so far is (number in brackets is score to date) - 100 (511), 73 (480), 99(540), 95(525), 98 (563).

The following day I submitted a further 5 images, the number of duels each image has receives so far is – 89(484), 93(523), 93(517), 86 (527), 94(556)

I usually submit 5 image each day, apart from the odd image (admittedley high scoring images) none have achieved 100 duels in the last three weeks.

I appreciate that low scoring images take time to achieve 100 duels but it wasn’t so long ago that all images regardless of their final score achieved 100 duels within two or three days sometimes quicker. If voting was slow we would receive an email requesting members to undertake extra voting.

To say this is frustrating is an understatement.

Is this lack of duels due to the ‘bug’ suggested in other threads or is the problem a lot simpler – lack of participation.

If the latter is the case is Pixoto doing anything to remedy the situation.

I look forward to hearing Pixoto’s comments.


Michael Moore

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