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I’m Appreciative

Thank you Pixoto!

This goes hand in hand with my suggestion on new sorting options but I thought it deserved it's own mojo per say.

I hear all the complaints, we all do, no site is perfect but from one lens monkey to another let me personally and unequivically say thank you to Pixoto! I love the site, even with it's perceived flaws, and am wildly impressed with how involved my kids have become in wanting to vote on the site. My teen daughter loves the voting and asks regularly to get on and cast votes, my wife gets on as well and votes, even my 8 month old loves sitting in my lap and looking at the pictures. Pixoto, whether it intended to or not, is extending the reach of photographic art to more and more people of all ages.

Lastly, and I say this as a semi-pro lens monkey, you would be amazed at how many incredible shoot ideas I get from Pixoto. Seeing the collective creativity and melding concepts has given me many great ideas and led me to much more satisfied clients!

Thank you Pixoto!
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  • I am glad that you are happy Matthew, but as a 'semi-pro lens monkey' it must get you down when you see some of the crap that makes it to the top on this site.

    Its lens monkeys like you, that let their kids and wives vote, that promote crap which will eventually lead to the downfall of pixoto. Do they look at the quality of each shot before clicking. NO they just press the frigin button and on to the next.

    If you are really a semi pro tog get your work off this joke of a site and post it some where people actually care before it does harm to your reputation..
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    • On any peer photography site the outcomes are subjective
    • I have let my 4yr old decide the winner on a few occasions, with me doing the actual clicking. Each and every time, I asked him why he preferred one over the other, and he told me.

      That's kinda the point isn't it?
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