The category sorting system is partially broken

In the past, when you used the drop down menu buttons to "Show Images In" to see only the images in a certain category, you could do that and see all the images that fit in that group. Lately, only the first 24 are actually in that group. Then the system randomly displays other images that are from totally different categories. This happens whether you sort from the "Leading" page or the "Recent" page. If you try to drill down to the sub-category level, it reverts back to "All Categories". However, if you go to sort images from the "My Pixoto Images" to enter them in a contest, the sorting system seems to be working properly there. I haven't tried it on other devices. This is happening on my PC using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge when viewed at 100% (showing four images across the screen).  If I reduce it to 80% (six images across), I can see as many as 30 before other images get thrown in there. It still kicks me back to "All Categories" if I try to drill down to the sub-category level.
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