Too many voters don't seem to know the category descriptions.

Too many voters don't seem to know the category descriptions. It is frustrating to lose duels to images that don't even belong in that category. For example, landscapes are supposed to be limited to no more than 20% of the image being man-made objects. Still images with a main subject that is a man-made structure (comprising 30% or more of the image) frequently rises to near the top for the day.  It's bad enough that newbies enter images in the wrong category, but voters seem to be just as uninformed. Otherwise, those images would never rise to the top. Sadly, I see users who have been Pixoto users for years still entering images in Landscapes that don't belong there. I frequently see images mis-categorized in other categories, too. I'm not immune to making errors myself, and I have reviewed the category descriptions several times. I suspect that many members don't explore the tabs and have never read the category descriptions even once, yet they vote. It really impacts the results negatively.

I really feel that a slide show defining the categories and including  sample images of what fits each category (and samples of what doesn't) could easily help to educate voters and should be required viewing before you are allowed to vote for the first time. For those already voting, a link to the slide show could be included whenever they enter an image that needs to be reclassified because they entered it in the wrong category. 
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