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Traditional Art

Hi Sherry

Can the report team make a push towards cleaning up the Traditional Art section, i have very little skills in this area but love to look at what is being created. This is being spoiled buy a number of users submitting incorrect images.

The most obvious is the use of photoshop images to then create a drawing or painting, the next problem is users submitting images of anything that looks like art but has not been created by the user.

Submissions in this content type must be a photo or a scan of a physical piece of art created by the contributing member. No other content is allowed in the image (i.e. frames, stands, people, etc) – it must be the Art only. Categories include: Painting, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Mixed Media, and Drawing.

Take this particular Pixoto member:

He certainly did not create these works of art:

There are so many of them his whole profile needs looking at.

Another Pixoto member:
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