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after referral were loading all 4 images and two of them entered twice. Course credit points have been taken from ... I think you have a problem with the functionality of the services we offer ... to me it confirms talks with other friends who were also here and went out, that things here are disastrous
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  • Jasenka (Official Rep) March 19, 2014 19:15
    Hello Costea, I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure what the problem is? I took a look at your portfolio and I can not see two same images.

    Have you deleted them? Did you upload 2 images and they were shown two times when you submitted them, or you have been uploading 4 images? Can you also please let me know how many credits have been reduced for uploading of images in question?

    Did you get any error when you were uploading?

    Can you please let me know what browser and OS are you using?
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