I’m sad

Uploaded Images are Lost in my Profile.

Hello Team,
I today login on my account and surprised to see, all most all my recently uploaded (around 20 images) are lost and not showing in my profile. Shall you please let me know why they got disappeared?
Today I have uploaded only 2 images in my profile inorder to check, and watch them.
Thanks in advance,
Karthik Siddhun
Mumbai, India
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  • Hello Karthik, by checking our database, I can see that you uploaded and published 12 images this year. Of those 12 images, 10 were deleted because they had your personal watermark on them which is not allowed according to our rules.

    For each of 10 images we removed, we sent you an e-mail notification to your e-mail address connected to your Pixoto account with the reason why images were removed.
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