We can either shout and criticise... .

..or be a little more patient. We should provide the site with constructive criticism, appreciation, ideas so that we work as a community to make it even better and reach the common goals of getting recognition, exposure and at the end of the day sell some images. A website is never complete as it always needs new features and as the technology changes, new upgrades. Pixoto has changed/grown a lot. Lets work as a community to make it even better. Lets be a little more patient. Just my opinion. I know some of you will not like what I said.

A note to the rude commentors here on this forum. Every word you type here is on the web. If you search for your name on Google you will find a whole list of all your comments made here on the forum. These days employers and people you do business with search your name to collect all the information before hiring you. So lets be cordial and nice. You see, being nice can never hurt, and should not hurt.
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