Whats going on with Pixoto ?

I am sure i am not the only one thinking whats going on with Pixoto.

Seems like endless problems, payments, websites not working. Site crashing all the time.
The amount of people who used to use this site has drop by a lot. This time last year the number of photos were so much higher now, for example a popular category babies and children, there would be 100's of weekly entries, now there hardly an each day.
And it seems we get the the same response for all our issues , I will pass it on and let the rest of the team know.. but really nothing is being done.

Also the Yearly awards, its now Feb and nothing ?
Be interesting to get a reply with a full explanation on what going on.
For a website that I used daily and loved it. and i know many others loved it, but now have sadly left.

Has Pixoto come to its End..
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