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wonderign about image category change

i had some photos submited for a remote controled car that was racing off road on gravel and i had it under sports and fitness - other sports but it was moved to arttistic objects - toys, i thought as this was a nitro fuel remote car not a standard 30 dollar toy that seeing hwo it was being used in a sport event it would be sport and fitness not toy. seeing how it was changed and i must have uploaded to wrong categories i thoguht id ask for clarfication. i looked under the categorie disciptions i was sent and it says toys in artistic objects which an rc car can be but sports also says peopel or objects so if used for racinf and is a 500 dolalr nitro car i thoguth that was differant. i knwo alot of ppl might not particpate in the sport but i thought it was still a sport seeing hwo peopel got toghter and chnalgeged each other with races and events even off road challengs. is it because soem rc cars are basic and r toys that all rc cars r toys ? in which case wont cars all be transports not a sport even thoguht in sport racing they go fatser and race each other. sorry to ask but i was a little shocked to loss awards and have it chnaged when the rc cars i was taking photos off were being used in an event.
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