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I’m laughing on the inside.

Yet another challenge post

Ah, yes. Creativity has taken another blow, although not a mortal one from one of Pixoto's best known members. Notice I said member, not photographer as she is not known for her skill with a camera. This lady is known on Pixoto for two things: 1) Her uncreative challenges that attract thousands of entries and clog up the voting system 2) Her breasts.

Her blow to creativity is the passive aggressive move of entering about 100 images in a challenge I created called "Pictures That Tell A Story". These pictures are primarily her patented "Look At Me, I'm On My Bed and I Have Breasts" shots but there are also plenty of other shots whose story is (as best I can tell) "I have a dog". There is also a the story called "I have a cat" and "I went to a parade and took lots of pictures".

And how does this make me feel? Well, it makes me feel like I'm at work. I work in a middle school.
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