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You can easily magnify ImageDuel's cruelly squashed pictures

Enhance your enjoyment of the ImageDuel experience!
Reduce the ImageDuel Chore Factor!
No geek stuff.

You can easily magnify ImageDuel's cruelly squashed pictures. It is AMAZING the difference the greater detail makes. Serene scenes pop. Highly detailed scenes are a completely different experience.

(PC instructions)
Here's how to enlarge (or en-small) the content of your monitor:
Hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse scroll button. One way is bigger, the other goes smaller.
To auto-pop back to normal size, hold Ctrl and press 0 (zero).
(End PC instruction)

As you ImageDuel, you may need to adjust the positioning to allow for portrait vs landscape, to check the category, and to find the SKIP button.

Blurring may occur. Don't discount for blurriness until you view the picture at normal resolution. (Ctrl 0)

I have two monitors (with different resolutions). I stretch the Window across both, and position so each picture is on its own screen.

(Okay, a little geek stuff)
If your video card has two monitor plugs, you can pick up a used monitor at a pawn shop or Goodwill for next to nothing. Set it up in Control Panel. It's easy.
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