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Filter events by location

You have probably run into this feedback before, but I'll just reiterate it since it's something at the top of my mind. I love using Plancast to discover the cool stuff happening around me so that I can go too. However, I follow people from Seattle, SF Bay, etc. but I'm actually from Cleveland - so I can really only travel to events in Cleveland (you know, the 'ol bootstrapping entrepreneur's budget).

So I'd like to be able to filter my home stream based on city - to only see things near Cleveland. Or near any particular city (if I happen to be traveling to SF Bay for a week, I'd like to set it to SF Bay and only see what's going on there).

What would be super bonus (and a little more farfetched, so hang with me) is if I could set a home location and then set a radius in miles. So if I'm adventurous, I can set it to 200 miles and get info on events in Detroit, Columbus, and Pittsburgh - all within a reasonable drive if it's a good enough event. Just some food for thought - filtering by city is probably all that is necessary.


Tim Gasper
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