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Recommendations Engine and Conversations - not just crowd sourced (but combined!) - Facilitating conversations for your virtual circles to decide to attend an event.

Recommendations Engine - not just crowd sourced (but combined!)

This idea stemmed from my desire to designate "Interested" not just "Count me in/out"
The social nature of sharing "Interested" could tip the scale for me to attend a particular event once I know other contacts are interested.

From this, would be interesting to actually allow conversation to start around this. For example, I might see that I have 5 friends "interested", then I could start a private group conversation around this to see if anyone actually wants to attend for sure. This could include 2 degrees of friends to some effect (or perhaps your other friends could be allowed to add their interested friends to the conversation).

Similarly, you could actually also show you have this many 2nd degree friends at this event that you may wish to meet.

But to that point, this would need to be cleaned up to distinguish between people you follow vs actual friends you know (e.g. I might "follow" certain industry people who I know will probably identify a lot of events I'm interested in, but I don't actually know them personally)
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