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2 Things I Like To See. Close Cafe Option and Click Box on Items to Lesson the Stress.

i like to be able to close my cafe for a little while so i can clean the gross and dirty tables and not have my customers sit down at the gross tables and get mad because im too busy to clean the tables then to wait on them...

also i like to have the option where the item has a box next to it so when i want to move it i dont end up moving the chairs around when im trying to move the table around. for some reason when you click on the item and click on the floor and try to click the table for some reason the chair moves around and all your frustration and focus is trying to move the table... so pretty please put a box next to the item. the counters and furniture or any item that is moveable so we dont end up bitting are lips in frustration when we end up moving the wrong furniture and stress levels just rise... so please give us the option to close the shop for alittle while so we can clean the tables and give us the option to click on the item's box so we can move the right item instead of spending 2 minutes trying to move the right item in the cafe... thanks
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