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I’m plz trust my psychic feelings here?

4 yr old topics appearing in this thread now..

who of u in this admin mayve accidentally hit a wrg button bringing up this old threads?? om gosh..This may be the greatest cause of support not being able to fix these current probs for everyone..
plz Rowan-Elliott-and whomever may be added here..i have just done a scan of this thread...
omg 4 yr old threads from a victoria..way b4 i even knew of you 3 that are wkg this support thread now..these are 4 yr old threads of prior developr fixers..
would you plz research this prior victoria from omg 4 yrs ago..??
do you read me clear on this..?? its just my intuition here..not shouting..plz. i'm begging of you of my findings that this may be a major rupture ? that is causing your non-able fix anyone here?? I hope i'm right on this one..i'm being psychic psychic abilities are coming back to me now and want to share these with you..
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