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all my neighbors disappeared

I had them all hr ago and now They are all gone what can I do to fix this problem. I need answers
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  • I found another fix for getting your neighbors back....hope this works for you:
    1. in FB, under Shortcuts, hover mouse over Diner Life and click the 3 dots next to it, then click Edit Settings
    2. change the App Visibility from ONLY ME to FRIENDS
    3. go to Settings in FB, click on Apps & Websites, click on the box next to the Diner Life app, then click REMOVE
    4. Log out of FB, then log back in
    5. In the SEARCH box at the top of FB, type diner life
    6. when the list comes up, click on the one that says APPS and click on Play Now
    7. Hopefully your neighbors will be back
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