I’m happy if you could do this for us

Being able to see everyone that is helping on an order, a way to delete somone who doesn't help and to be able to remove yourself

It would really be a great idea if you are helping someone complete their order to be able to see who else is helping and how much they are contributing. This way you can see where they need the help and see who's done what. Also, if you could automatically allow updating when anyone on the "crew" for the orders serves food or drink for the order because if the person who initiated the order doesn't update every minute, we helpers don't know where their current counts are until they refresh. If they are gone for several hours and many people are cooking and helping no one knows what everyone else is doing or has done and where the person stands until they refresh their game on their end. Also, because this game groups people together in the mailbox, you may want to help someone who has sent you a request, but other people as well has sent you requests for the same thing but you are unable to help them or you have helped them in the past and they do not cook for themselves so you wish not to help,when you accept the request you are now helping others you may not have wanted to,so if there were a way of seperating the requests only for the orders that would be helpful,or if you could delete yourself from an order that would be great as well as having the ability to delete someone from your crew that doesn't help. Thanks for taing the time to listen and I hope I did a good job at explaining what would be good ideas, but you can contact me if you have any questions. I know this would be great if you could do the above mentioned ideas as I know many who play the game who feels the same. Thanks again!
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