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I’m frustrated

Bubble Raider / Battle Mode

As a LONGTIME PLAYER and SUPPORTER when I have $$ to WASTE it has come time to ASK you too PLEASE EXPLAIN in Battle Mode WHY Players DO NOT Get the SAME PUZZLE to Play ?? Also when waiting to Play and you get a Pop-up saying Other Player has Left WHY IS That NOT a WIN as in FORFEIT which would Only be proper !!!! Also have I MISSED Something like CHEAT SHEETS ??? Also in Journey I am on Zone 64 Level 664 and have been Stuck for sometime because of NOT Enough Balls to use without any $$$ to waste to Buy more plus When I do WASTE The $1.99 I get 10Balls yet they are NOT the Color needed to complete the level..... SOMETHING IS ROTTEN !!!!! Can you Please TELL me just How long I've been a Player and HOW MUCH I have GIVEN You $$ Wise ??
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  • Hi Jim

    The battle mode levels look identical to me!
    If you're seeing anything different then please do take a screenshot and post it here.
    A forfeit doesn't count as a win because of the ease of abusing such a system (for example if one were to get two accounts and play them off against one another)

    I've personally played every single level in the game and can say with some certainty that they can all be completed without purchasing any extra bubbles or using powerups.
    The 10 extra bubbles should be of types you already have on screen, if they're not. then something is wrong and we'll get right on that!

    I have also examined your account data and you have spent $355.35 since October 2013

    Best Regards
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