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I’m frustrated

Bubble Raider problems. Lives lost after reloading the game and daily bonus spinning wheel lives not being added to the total.

A few minutes ago I opened Bubble Raider. As the gift window did not open, i decided to reload the game to get that window to open.

Before leaving the game I had 5 lives.

After reloading I had only 3 lives, and the gift window still did not open.

So I decided to close the game again, after reloading it still shows only 3 lives and the gift window did not open still.

Why did I loose 2 lives ? I had not played at all, just closed the game and reloaded.

Something else also.
Why do you have lives to win in the daily bonus spinning wheel ?

If we already have 5 lives when opening the game, any lives we win in the daily bonus is not added to the total, meaning we still only have 5 lives.

I thought that maybe they just don't show but once we loose a life it goes down to 4 lives left, even if we won additional lives in the daily bonus spinning wheel.

Does the daily bonus spinning wheel make any sense then ?

I play other games where there's a limit of 5 lives also. But in case we win extra lives or even when we accept lives sent as gift from friends it shows 5 lives + the amount of extra lives received.

Could you possibly add that feature in Bubble Raider as well? If not, you might as well take the spinning wheel off the game, as it does not really make sense.

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