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Can someone tell me how to add neighbors in Diner life and pub life

I would like to add neighbors to my diner life and pub life but it is hard to figure out how to do that within the game. I have a list of friends that play besides the neighbors I already have. I would like to add them. If you want to add me use the following link please. I would love to have more neighbors.
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  • I’m sorry for fellow players
    This game has had bugs in regards to adding neighbors. I go to the app request link at the upper right hand side of the home page. It will say if you have requests pending. You have to click the link and then go back to the home page each time. Click the link again and so forth otherwise the requests will never get added to your gifts total. Sorry about it, the game makers haven't fixed this and other bugs yet. If have have neighbor requests that keep repeating and you can't add neighbors there's a bug with that , too
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