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Confirmation before buying items with Diner Cash

I keep losing diner cash because I accidentally click on something,such as a stove or grill that has food on it that isn't finished, and then the pop up comes up with options (delete, cook instantly, etc) and I sometimes accidentally click on one of the options while trying to get rid of the pop up, or trying to serve the dish on the appliance next to it. I know I need to be more careful, but what bothers me is that it does not ask me to confirm before it takes the cash for something I never wanted. Just a simple pop up confirmation that asks if you really want to purchase this item using diner cash that you have to respond to (before it takes your cash) would be nice.That way, if you click on something by accident, you can get out of having to buy it, and you only buy the items that you want to.

Also, this is the second time that I have posted a complaint on this support page, and nothing has been done, so it would be nice to get some kind of reply or acknowledgement. I enjoy playing this game, but I am always losing diner cash or items from my diner that I already purchased. I cannot fully enjoy a game with so many glitches.I have lost at least 10 diner cash, and numerous serving tables, stoves, etc due to glitches. Thank you.
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