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Could we get help on this?

Hi Rowan and all at Pd headquarters,

Firstly; This is an old problem i wanted to draw your attention to,
I had started the order and as i pushed start i saw a crew member listed on my order as helping me, and had already done a percentage of the order, she had cooked and served consumables that was needed, now Elliot had said that this is a possibility and can happen. See thread;

However we still see players on jobs we start, we send to some players and then random ones join and we know again we did not send to them.
Some players do of course join jobs and cannot help on them, this is for many reasons and the replies we have saw in past;
1. did not know what you needed so joined to see if i could help.
2. sorry accidentally clicked to help but cannot can you take me off?
3. dont know how i got on your crew?
4. clicked accept as i have fries on, but you dont need them as you have those so cannot help with other dishes sorry.
5. thought i was helping if i clicked accept, sorry i'm new and only level 14 i dont understand this.
6. sorry to all that i accepted to help, my fish died and i'm to upset to play game.

as for #2. we can only remove as a facebook friend, and then if we re-add they show back on the order help slot until the order has finalized.

So i wanted to ask for a new method of how we can take off those that cannot help..
i know and understand it may take time to be implemented if it is considered..

Heres what i feel would make a difference to orders, to 'remove' players that cannot help. At the footer of each crew member the ability to click a 'remove' button.

Thank you for reading this.
All the best
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