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I’m aggravated

Diner is stuck and slow!!!

My Diner is stuck and is running extrememly slow to the point where I'm ready to shut it down and not play. I can't continue cleaning the stoves because they don't finish cleaning and when you cick the dishrag it doesn't clean and I've never had such a game work so slow. I checked my internet speed and it was not the problem at all. Please fix problem asap as I'm in the middle of a drivein order and can't complete it dueto the LAG and that the stations won't clean. Sutting it down if it doesn't resolve as I don't have the time to waste trying to lay food down to cook and it takes 8 minutes to lay one dish down.
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  • I’m frustrated
    same problem the past two days since the new boosters were introduced. I have tried everything I know to solve the slo-mo problem [slow motion]. It's maddening! It does load, just very very slowly, then once it loads, the avatars move jerkily and the games stops every 3 seconds, but It doesn't crash if I am very slow, patient, and careful how I click. I use a Lenovo laptop with wi-fi on centurylink cable internet connection. We reset the cable router [seemed to help for a little while]. I tried using DinerLife game on our newer desktop [Dell] thinking the old beat up Windows 7 laptop was causing the problem, but DinerLife didn't load or work well on the desktop either [got white boxes]. I got Shockwave warnings on the Dell when trying to load DinerLife, which makes me think this is Adobe problem [conflict]. Don't tell me to clear my caches. As a long time gamer, I know to do this daily. Please help me figure this out! jax
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