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I’m frustrated

Diner Life problems to be resolved or completely remove from FB? Please make a decision and take action!!

Diner Life ID# 843750989322786: do you have any plans in the near future to restore our list of friends in the game as it is impossible to play and progress w/o the friends list. if you are not interested in helping out and restoring the game to its original function, kindly remove the game from fb so that it is no longer available to anyone as it is useless as is. this is my 4th attempt to resolve the friends list issue for this game but apparently no one is interested in helping those of us who like to play the game. i have, also, contacted fb but of course to no avail.. no response (SURPRISE!!) lol .. anyway, i would appreciate that someone figure out how to restore the game to its former self or remove it completely from fb.. thank you very much
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