I’m frustrated

Dishes disappearing from gift box. Approx. 300000 Sundaes disappeared from my gift box


A few days ago I noticed that approx. 300000 Sundaes had disappeared from my giftbox.

I waited, thinking they might show up again, but up to now they still have not reappeared.

I know that the system takes time to load all the items in the giftbox and that sometimes the missing items do show up when checking later on, but those Sundaes vanished days ago and do not show up again.

I don't think that other dishes have disappeared, although I can't know for sure. But I do know for sure that I had those sundaes as they are 1 of the dishes I had most of.

Could it be that you reduced the number of sundaes cooked on 1 stove and that it affected the amount we have in the giftbox ?

It can't be that I'd sold the dishes unintentionnally, as I still have 32000+ Sundaes in my giftbox and I haven't cooked any in a long time
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