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Do you have problems sending gifts? > PLEASE READ <

Update 17/11/11: There is currently a serious issue with gifting in facebook; we will have to wait for them to resolve the issue. For technical details see:

We are aware that a lot of you seem to have problems with gifting. We have not made it clear previously that there is a limit to the amount of gifts you can send per day. You can send one gift per friend per day. If you have sent a gift to a friend that day, they will not appear in your friends list when you hit 'send gift'.

This also counts if you receive a gift from a friend and then hit the button to 'send back' to send a gift back to your friend. If you do this after receiving a gift, this will count as your one gift per friend per day limit. If you then go into the game and try to send them a gift, they will not appear in the list.

I hope you can understand why the limit is in place, and I hope this helps to clear up some of the problems you guys were having.

Thank you for playing!

Here is a summary of the issues we have discovered with gifting:

Q. I havent sent or recieved any gifts but my friends dont appear

A. This is an issue with facebook. It generally only happens when you
have a large number of friends (1000+)

Q. Why cant I select friends that only play the game.

A. You can, use the drop down in the top left of the window and three options
will be available: 'All Friends', ' Players', 'Friends to Invite'

Q. When I search for a friend they dont appear.

A. This is a facebook issue, it generally only happens when you have a large
number of friends (1000+)

Q. The window that appears takes a long to load

A. This can be several factors; we have found using Internet Explorer to be major
cause, however a poor internet connection and a large number of facebook friends
can also be a contributing factor.

Q. The friend selector doesnt appear at all / the game goes blank when I try to
send a gift.

A. This is probably a fault with the game. Please get in touch and we can try
and resolve the issue.
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