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Dragon Flame Grill. Cute, but downfall is a Limited Menu....

Hi Elliot, Rowan and Team.

I have 2 dragon flame grill's, may i say these are Irresistibly cute, i want more of them, i'm LOVING the flames ;)

I have 2 questions regarding them, hopefully you can give me more details on this....

1} Is there a limit to how many we can have?
is this the set 35 limit?
(i'm level 114)

2} There is only one dish that can be cooked on them, would more be added to this menu in the future?

i did have an idea that if things are cooked from this grill could they have some form of special thing, like we are able to gift the dish to a friend as a reward of cooking, or does that sound crazy? so like the only way to get these dishes are too cook or gift from serving them? crazy right...

Thanks as always
(my surname is bat, but i'm seriously not batty lol )
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