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Drive thru not working

ID 129583170889509 on my drive thru my friends do not show, and the food i cook for it does not count. Please fix.
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  • It's not enough that you all play the also have to be sure to send them help requests after you open your drive thru event. ( Also vice versa) Many people overlook that..Im not sure how new you are at the game..but I included a pic for you just in case. See where the blue arrow is? Click there to add your friends. But they also must accept it when they log into the game. If they dont see you..remind them to refresh the game by reloading it. QUITE OFTEN the game doesnt send it through the 1st time and you may need to click to add the same friends 2 and 3 times. If that happens, dont worry. It's not you or your pc. It's the game. Hope this helps!

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