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Foods From Around The World

Support team,
In the past you have always valued any useful consumable ideas that players have.
With this i wanted to ask players on a diner life group i run what ideas they have for consumables. A few of our members have posted what they would like to see in the game but the message seems more that dishes from around the globe is what players seem to like most.

(Amy Landon) actually, i would just love to see dishes from all countries. .. oh like one week there be limited Austrailan dishes and another week might be Hawaiian dishes. Get what I mean?
(a fair few do like this idea)

{Bethann Sweetie Parker} I agree with Amy.... A variety of foods from other countries

Nenad Jevremović maybe to add some food from Serbia(Grill and fryer food):)

(Greg Howard CW) Need some dishes for different hours too like 2 hours 3 hours more 6 hours for certain stoves. maybe a 8 hour one too so you can plan more when real life takes place!

(Mary Dierkes) for the fryer--sweet potato fries and fried okra.
-turkey burgers, chicken burgers, fish sandwich, and I really like the idea of more dishes from countries all over the world.

(Janet Prior) bacon and onion steam pudding

(Pat Rauch) Kolaches

Amy Landon) apple dumplings in warm custard sauce

(Emma Martin) Toad in the hole, gammon and scallop pineapple

(Rebecca Ellington) I'd like to see New York Deli dishes; corned beef cabbage, potato pancakes, pastrami, pickles etc.

(my input) fried seaweed
California roll
Miso soup
Jorim (this could be easily a 2 day dish imo)

(Bethann Sweetie Parker) Fried ice cream!
Chicken or steak quesadilla

(Helen Gillingham) Vegemite scrolls.
Kangaroo stew.
Anzac biscuits.
{this is a possible Australian menu here ;)}

(Ann Charles) Mac&cheese

(Shari Lutz) enchiladas

Conclude, Themes Like Russian, Greek, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Ect.. may work too.. :)
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