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Friend Activity not showing up in Games Feed.

None of my friend activity in Dinet Life is showing up in my Games Feed activity. All the settings are set correctly and it was working fine yesterday.
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  • Hi Michelle

    I have two settings I'd like you to check,
    First, the app settings themselves.
    In the top right of the facebook window is a padlock symbol (next to your notifications button), next to that is an arrow pointing down. click that and it opens a dropdown.
    Go to Settings, Apps, Diner Life. Click on the Diner Life App.
    Partway down the window that opens, you should see a section labelled "this app can" and a subsection called Post.
    There should be a blue circle with a tick in it.

    If you can't find the section at all, then facebook has screwed up. if it's ticked, then it's something else causing the problem!

    The second setting is in the game itself. so if you open that up, then look in the top-right of the game window, you'll see a button with a cog/gear on it, that's the Settings window.
    There's a tickbox in there for allowing the game to post to facebook.
    I often notice when I'm helping people with their diners that this button is not ticked.

    I hope one of those turns out to be the problem!
    Let me know how it goes!

    Best Regards
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