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I’m frustrated

Friends list / Neighbors list problems

I have friends that DO play that I cannot see on the list of my friends.
There are a bunch of friends that DO show on the list that have NEVER PLAYED and have the Diner Life game BLOCKED -- yet they show up on the DL friends list.
The friends list that shows up is NOT in alphabetical order.
There are a few friends that have STOPPED playing Diner Life but I do not want to delete them from my FB friends -- just from Diner Life Friends.

How can I remove neighbors that are on my ladder??
These things need to be able to be adjusted by the player-- so I can keep or Remove the game friends/neighbors I choose to remove.
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  • I’m frustrated
    i have deleted friends due to the restricted 500 neighbor rule even though they are not my friend anymore they are still showing in my neighbor bar on the gifts and catering help! This is causing my true players to be taken out of my neighbor bar, I can not send gifts to them, ask for help on catering or ask for parts! PLEASE FIX THIS! i WANT MY DAILY PLAYERS BACK.If i deleted that should have given me room for new players and brought back the ones that i had before they were removed for no reason
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