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Game running slow, Cash Collecting Issue, Collecting Xp Issue, Neighbour limit's?

Hi Elliot and Rowan,

A friend Of mine Erin, Has Contacted me and asked if I could Help her with This Report Thread.
Her id is {user id is 663586562 }

1} Game Running Slow,
This was Reported but this is still an ongoing issue for Erin, Is there anything that can be done about the runtime issue?
Orig report;

2} Cash Collection
As of yesterday 12/09/ there has been an Issue about collecting cash, Many players have reported this issue I see on support.
Erin is also effected by this and unaware why collecting cash from friends post is not allowing to be collected, these were all within the 24hr time frame that i believe is set for collecting.
Can you advice further if this is an issue/ a limitation/ or a new time frame?

3} Collecting Experience Points
This has unfortunately been an issue since Erin started playing the game last winter.
If a friend posts they have completed a mission you are aware this posts out that you as a friend can Collect 50 XP from the post.
Erin has always tried to collect these within the 24hr time frame set and yet unable to Obtain the XP it never goes up in the bar and no Changes happen to the XP level.
Does this work and is a bad Response? Or should players be able to get the XP but there's a glitch?
Side note; (This also effects me, 'chrissy bat').

4} The last not a problem, but Erin would like more information on this.
She tells me that she currently has 136 neighbours on my neighbour bar, no players lower than level 52.
Is there a limit Set to how many neighbours we can have? Or is the game just showing us the Ones we connect to the most? Or the latter the higher levelled neighbours are taking priority?
Any advice/Information May help Erin decide where she goes from here.

Thank you for your time, patience and assistance.

Kind regards
Chrissy and on the behalf of and to be address in all communications M.s
Erin Wissinger Litzinger.
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