I’m disappointed and frustrated!

Game is NOT working

What the heck is this crap that we have to go through a third party to contact the developers of Pub Life? I'm not at all comfortable with more people having access to my info!

Pub life is having LOTS of problems (August 26th, 2011) - the worst being that there is no credit being given for having ones' pub open and not actually being on the app.

The second is the push to get more friends to sign up to play. NONE of my friends, save one, are interested in your game. I've asked them before and they said no. So making more friends mandatory for certain quests, like the pool hustler one, just means that quest won't ever be completed by folks like me.

You're making too many weird changes. The game (except for the avatars) is just fine. Fix the women's hair problems and offer more colors, and get some skirts or dresses and I suspect that would help.
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  • Elliot (Official Rep) August 30, 2011 08:49
    Please keep community support requests to one subject at a time please, as it makes answering support queries very difficult to keep track of.

    To try and answer your questions:

    1. Dapper Games has been re-named PlayDemand, and we are in the process of moving over all our content (website / email etc.) If you wish to contact us directly, our email is support@playdemand.com

    2. Some of the quests may require some friend count, but we are looking at giving players some way around this. Obviously we want to encourage people to get their friends playing, but are aware that this may not be an option for some players.

    3. More avatar parts are on this list, but I don't have a definite time line as to when this is.
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