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Glitches still unfixed, game boring

Rowan... Noel...who ever is still there....

Please, there are people having issues with game. Diner life gets no fixes any more. We get new orders every so many months and that is it. WE are too many customers to be treated...ignored like this. Granted, it might be a free game with optional buy ins..but so you really think we would buy in on stuff when we are so neglected? and do you think we will play your other games? or recommend your product to others? Ha, on that one yes, we do invite our doing caters thrus..with friends is the best part of the game. So many players have quit. I quit, the game bores me expect for orders..but even they lack imagination. I am back to the game....but only because of the group i play with. What do we the player need to do to be heard? and get answered? fixes please. pay us attention please. update the game please.
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