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HELP!! Because no one is responding any more to my other posts I thought I would start another one to see if this would get any attention. Still losing diner cash. No one has figured out what is wrong with this game. It is frustrating. Can't get ahead in this game. I cook and then have to sell to cook more. Why am I not getting credit for my cooking? But let's go back to my diner cash.
I have recorded what is happening in regards to my diner cash since Rowan said there was nothing wrong with my game.
Rowan Monday Dec. 15/14 - I am now up to 85 diner cash and I'm sure it won't be long before I'm down a few.

Monday Dec. 15/14 -Yup as soon as I left here and logged back into my diner I'm back down to 81. There is a problem with this can I earn 4 diner cash and within min. they are gone. Can you explain that one Rowan?

Well guess what Elliot and is Friday and at 7:16am I had 95 diner cash. when I arrived home at 4:41pm I lost two diner cash and am back at 93 diner cash. When will you people fix this problem. There is definitely something wrong with your game.
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