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I’m Upset again!

HELP! Level 91 and no more levels

So here I am yet again been almost 2 months since I have seen a new level. I am at level 91 I come in several times per day to see if maybe just maybe there will be new levels to play but alas there is not. Again I offer my services to you in order to help speed up the time it takes to get new levels up and running. Please by all means get several ready like maybe a couple hundred or something that way you will not have to deal with all the emails about not having levels that we obviously enjoy so much. Please let us play more often instead of making us continually beg for more levels because as you know that is not good for business and I would hate to see this game get deleted and there for not played any longer by lots of people which in turn would cause it to no longer be available for anyone to enjoy. Please fix the issues you have which include NO GIFT BOX NEVER HAD ONE and adding new levels....PLEASE!!!!!!
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