Important message again for Elliot!! Please can you read this and my past posts?

Elliot your response to my question of is the request problem fixed. As you remember my friends and I can't complete a 3 star in the carpe catering because requests aren't being received by our neighbours and or they just aren't registering. There's a lot of requests on this job. Your response was Hi, we have done some things recently that MAY help with this but no guarantees that it will resolve it completely. Thats all the info about it I can give I'm afraid." Can you please tell me what happens next when we don't complete it for a 2nd time. You don't seem to be reading our messages. I understand you're busy trying to solve all these problems but we enjoy this game and really don't want to go through the frustration of repeating it if in fact it's not fixed. Can you please go back and read my post titled "requests for catering are being delayed a couple day!!" my question is what will you do if we what you tried to fixed isn't fixed? Are you going to give the catering to us as a 3 star? or will you get the software to fix it?
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