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Incentives to Help with Drive-Thrus

We all dislike people who sign up to help with drive-thrus and do nothing or players who want their helpers to do everything. Very frustrating.

I think it'd be a good idea to have incentives to help based on a player's portion of the work. If I do 50% of the work for someone, I would get 50% of the reward. If I do 100% of it by myself, or for someone else, I get 100%. If I do nothing, I get nothing.

This would encourage people not only to accept help requests but also to actually work on the drive-thru.
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    I don't mind cooking food for someone else's job, keeps me busy as I finished all the jobs a long time ago already.

    When I did do the jobs, I sent help requests only to people who'd previously agreed to help with the cooking.

    And if you have people on your crew who don't help, you have to be aware that we can't see anymore which dishes are required for a certain job, once we've finished it.

    So people might accept to find out it's dishes they don't have the time to cook because they're either too short time or long time cooking dishes and therefore don't fit into their available time they have to play.

    As to for myself, I don't need to get any reward for helping someone with a job, keeping me busy is reward enough for me.

    But I'm only talking about myself, maybe others see it differently
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