I’m excited

Just to keep things interesting

I know its been posted before about goals instead of just more orders. I know we have posted for some out of the box rewards, even rewards that are "recharge-able".
So I am thinking, how about a compromise?
Lets say... you make certain orders re-doable and has to be re-done (x) amount of times to get (x) reward.
For example, we will say the Grandma's cooking order.... if we were to complete it 10 times (and the repeat times are for a lesser coin reward) in the recommended time frame we would earn an item for our diner (say a wall picture) that would give our diner the ability to speed cooking dishes by one hour for one day. That item is rechargable for diner cash on the other days after that. This idea might help keep the game interesting for those who have already completed all orders and goals. I am thinking it might be easier to set this up then to build a with series of goals? Although I would still really like goals and other type build items.
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