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Lost diner

I just started playing diner life a FEW DAYS AGO AND SET MY DINER UP IT WAS SMALL BUT CUTE (excuse the caps) anyway, I went to visit a neighbors diner and got stuck in there so since I couldnt get out I decided I would decorate it like it was my own. Instead of having a small quaint diner I have a huge one. But now I will have to wait til I get 4 million to expand. Wow I realized that the counters , fryers, grills that the other person had would disappear once I clicked on them so it was going by what I was supposed to have I have now got rid of the ones that I shouldnt have and down to the small amount. I now realize that once I get 4 million the diner will probably go back small. Anyway, I reported this before under Home cause I couldn't go Home to my own diner. my Id is 686707491 I believe thats correct. Would love it if this could be fixed and leave the stuff I have worked on. Thx
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