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I’m Frustrated

Lost Levels

I had passed level 92 and 93 yesterday and when I logged back in today my level was set at 91!!! It took me forever to pass the 92. Please fix this!!
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  • I’m pissed off ino how jeri Edwards feels
    i am not happy 1 bit with this game anymore i was upto level 154 and 4 some unknown reason the game has gone back to level 153 ..and this happwened after i had 2 wait for 8 ppl to send me skulls which they did and i had gone to level 3 in i got to go through the level damn..bloody annoying..can someone who created this game fix up this technical fault please so i can go back to the level io'm on 154 level 3 ..or if its not sorted than i won't bother playing it very very annoyed and pissed off!! Not Happy one bit :/
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