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I’m done with this messups..

Lovesick Cheesecakes serves Not counting..Lost 4 helpers..When will this be fixed?

Wasted cash to serve cheesecakes..last 4 serves never counted../why bother serving the rest when they don't/won't count? wasted efforts by me and my helpers..uugghh..Cant even finish Lovesick now for the 2nd time..
When will support fix these plz?? ongoing problems with every last order and redoing them--never get finished in time??Why do some ppl get them done in time while others can't? Why is the current version still stuck on 3-11-16?
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  • Rowan--Elliott-others--
    What has gone array?? with my wkg order Actitviy?? Why cant you fix me?? this has been an ongoing 5month problem. I see as many as 3 to 4 agents at any time of my gaming..yet--hmm--u still havent fixed me? Am i such a stigma that u cant fix me?? i have even posted to FB of trying to help you Agents to work on this as of 3-9...
    • Actually from above statement of last 4 cheesecake serves..that was earlier today..In past 5 days. i've served at least 12 more since my timeclock ran out..The cheesecake ticker was at 470 4 days ago..Since then I've served 16 more .plus my helpers have served 50 more to no avail..They see that their own serves havent counted/helped me one iota..whats up with this.. I still am cooking more as i replace the worktops to help others in this additional 4 serves after this post are the same .my serves count for those I help, but, not for myself..this is just unacceptable anymore for the 2nd time of re-doing this order...uugghh..can you just resolve my dilemma by just finishing my order at 3 stars? just get me done..i've never been a slacker ever in CW or DL..just until these past 5months of being stuck in this blackhole..

      I would love to have any of you support staff/whomever you are to take the chance and pvt chat me ,just so we can meet/ type to type to get to my Real problem and get me fixed once and for all...I see as many as 3 and 4 of you agents in my gaming at any given time..i know this ME/My challenge has to be the greatest of all time in your history?? thanks soo very much for reading my gigantic plea.. 1284 417 793 thanks soo much for your diligence..understanding..
    • Rowan (Official Rep) March 30, 2016 08:28
      Hi Arleen

      If the timer has run out, food no longer serves. the Order is over and has failed.
      I'm thinking we might not be making that obvious enough on the window!

      However, if your order is still running and the food isn't counting, that would be a different problem!
      If you can give me your User ID, I'd be glad to take a look at your account!

      Best Regards
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