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I’m frustrated

MAGIC!! All my things gone! Back to square one??

just started playing it this week (Nov 21 - ) it was nice, fast paced and enjoyable...but while playing today (Nov 23) at around 12:30 pm (Phils time), was already in 10 level I think, there was a request to visit a neighbor, so I did! and then a pop up about "sharing or showing your diner to friends/neighbors" I can't remember the exact words but no other option to click so I clicked continue. WHOA! I was back at the start of the game! I have only 1 burner with the default tables/ "money" remained, my level remained but all the tables/chairs, expansions I made, he counters/burners/fryers, they are all gone!!!! so how do you solve that??? I'll check in again later this evening or tomorrow, if it does not come back, I won't be playing this again....disappointing if it's all gone now. :(
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