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My Diner is not working properly

Diner Life Support;

I have 3 simple problems with this game at the present moment.

1. My post are not showing up on my life line as well as the game feed. When I level up from 1 level to another it does not post. example when I level up from Level 181 to 182 it did not post.

2. When I get a star rating for food that I have cooked it does not post. Like example 2 star rating for Tumpeng's.

3. And last but not least, I all ways get this little white box that asks plz don't ask again. even when I tick the little box saying not to ask again.

4. Once in a while, a box will show up asking me "how I rate this game" at the present moment, I say POOR, I am not satisfied, or happy the way the game is at the moment.

This is the only game I play on facebook, cause I like the inter action with my friends & neighbour's. Also cause it has catering jobs, like Café World use to have. If U could bring Café World back that would be great.


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