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I’m frustrated, upset & pissed

Need to put down new email address on my new account & get old one back too...

I have lost one account with you guys and now I have started another one.. I had to leave my cell number for my email and now the texts are coming in every second and I need to put in new email address so I can remove number cause this is becoming a real pain on top of harrassment...I would love to have 2 accounts the old one back with all my pictures are now and the new one I have now for others are doing it... My old email was but then facebook kept kicking me off and I cancelled that email but want my old diner back and work this one to that I have now too... PLEASE HOW DO I PUT ON A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS WITHOUT LOSING THIS DINER TOO? I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT COMPUTERS OR HOW TO SET THINGS UP... PLEASE HELP !!!!!!
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