Neighbours removal in game :)


Today we (myself and my co-admins on a facebook diner life group) have had contact with a few players and all wanting to know how to remove friends that no longer play. Many just aren't sure and one even asked on the facebook group we run.
At the moment we are fully aware there is no in-game action and this all needs to be done via facebook not game.

The problem we have however is we have one player in particular that has told us today
~ that she cannot take a few of these players off as she cannot find them?
(The problem occurs that so many names are common, and also its hard to trace).
~ And that family member once played the game and said it is blocked by her, yet she is still there on her neighbour list but of course does not want to delete her family member from facebook.

Can we have the option to remove players in the game? this would be a useful tool imho :)

Thank you
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