New game suggestions, ideas and fixes by the players

Over the weekend we did a suggestion post on a diner life group i run, we asked members what would they like to see in the game.
There is some great answers but not that many did vote in comparison to members in the group.

My personal thoughts; There are a few ideas that are here that are just a fix or adjustment to the feature.
some however like the ''Food from giftbox to count towards Drive through orders'' i know defeat the object of cooking for orders, and this is a valid reason tweaks were made to that feature.
''One click cook'' i believe we have Sci-Fi 3x per appliance builds and the booster ability....

I leave the answers and the votes with you (below), the PlayDemand gods and hope to be in touch soon.

Can we see who else is helping on drive through'S that we are helping. we accept order from our friends and we can see that friends helpers list not just us helping. (if we do not have mutual friends that are helping it could say +1, +2, Etc..)
* 61 votes

Allow us to cancel orders that we have not accepted but became apart of, or that we have accepted but can no longer help with.
* 33 votes

Can we get some new quests past lvl 100? something when orders are completed
* 30 votes

One click cook
* 21 votes

The ability to see what DT a neighbour is doing when visiting
* 21

Ability to delete people who no longer play DL
* 16 votes

More dishes cooked on the flame grill dragon
* 16 votes

User ability to remove inactive neighbours in game
* 15 votes

Can we see all helpers include diner owner and their % of helping
* 14 votes

More dishes to cook on the cauldron
* 13 votes

More than 10 cash a day
* 12 votes

Increase the frequency of Drive though orders
(special note; i value that these take time and resources to produce and i personally feel a drop once a month for this is satisfactory)
* 10 votes

More christmas and holiday themes
* 9 votes

A "build" for a ONE instant cook, all purpose cooker (limited to 10 per day?)
* 8 votes

A variety on DT, some harder and longer, some easier not as many days
* 8 votes

5 star drive thru' the 5 star menu items...
* 8 votes
(member that submitted this answer, also commented; ''5 star drive thru's... this would be great for all the older players who run out of things to do. when helping players all that helping would count towards something for us, the player, the helper. incentive to help a lot more, 5 star drive thru's could be similar to the 5 star menu items, we could do all the drive thru's over again, 5 times''.)

Programme works when speeding up a dish, a confirmation would save accidents
* 7 votes

Pop up post confirmation when clicking to finish dishes on the Drive through orders
* 7 votes

Easier way to sell our gift box items
* 7 votes

Food from giftbox to count towards Drive through orders
* 6 votes

Replay the orders on hard mode
(this was a great suggestion by the official playdemand rep on support in the past..)
* 6 votes

More countries flags to be represented Canada, China, France, Spain, Germany....
* 6 votes

A way that the game automatically refreshes, would make it easier to see the stats even when the player has not refreshed, some do not refresh for hours or days!
* 5 votes

Have more burners per "appliance" to increase cooking ability
* 5 votes

Open the drive thru building, maybe use it as a storage place..?
3 votes

If a customer asked for another dish then serve it not just walk up to it
* 2 votes

Search box/option on the food menu's for cooking, where we could type the food we are looking for rather than trying to locate it manually
* 2 votes

Zoom control via the mouse
* 1 vote


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